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Diane Bass

Diane was valedictorian for her graduating class at Seaway District High School. She then attended Algonquin College in Ottawa where she took a 2-year Legal Assistant course. She was a summer student at our office between her first and second year of college. Her first job in this field was with a title searching firm in Ottawa. Then in 1987 her career took a different path when she started working for the Royal Bank in Iroquois, where she worked for the next 13 years. Diane joined our office in 2001. She does all of the Real Estate title searching and related duties for the office.

Over the years, Diane has been an active volunteer in the community. She has sat on the Board of Directors of the Morrisburg & District Preschool, the Williamsburg United Church and the Morrisburg and District Skating Club. She enjoyed volunteering at Morrisburg Public School and has helped with fund-raising for various local organizations and causes.

Sherry Boulerice

Sherry first joined our office while on a work placement program for Grade 12 students through Seaway District High School. She returned to work as a summer student after graduation and did a second work placement through St. Lawrence College, Cornwall. Sherry graduated in 1984 with a diploma in Secretarial Arts-Legal and completed that two year program in one year.

With over 30 years of experience, Sherry has developed expertise in all facets of real estate law including residential, commercial and agricultural properties. Sherry also assists with the firm’s municipal law and litigation files. With her local knowledge and commitment to client service, Sherry is an invaluable member of our staff.

Sherry was born, raised, and continues to reside in Morrisburg.

Colleen Embury

Her passion was always law so Colleen started her career in law in 1984 when she was employed by Stanley J. Kershman, in Ottawa, Ontario, as his legal assistant. In 1985 she became a legal assistant to J. Peter McNaughton, Ottawa, Ontario and was employed full time with him until 1998 when she started to work part-time for Mr. McNaughton in Ottawa and part-time for the late Robert F. Lamb, solicitor, in Winchester, Ontario. In 2006 Colleen joined the law firm of McInnis, MacEwen, Horner & Pietersma (now Horner & Pietersma) as a legal assistant.

Colleen prepares Wills and Powers of Attorney and she looks after our estate files from the date of death until the estate has been fully administered. Colleen has over 31 years experience in the area of Wills and Estates law.

Deborah (Debbie) Lynch

Deborah (Debbie) Lynch has been with our firm since 1978 as a Legal Assistant. She grew up in Williamsburg, Ontario and upon school graduation moved to Ottawa and was employed by Treasury Board for a brief period, and then on to Agriculture Canada for 5 years. When she married Wayne in 1977, Debbie moved to Morrisburg and has worked with our firm since that time. Although Debbie started out in real estate, she is now our bookkeeper, as well as an estate assistant, and oh yes, “The Old Lady of the Firm”! Debbie has one daughter, Amy Mason, her husband, Wayne, and three beautiful grandchildren, Madison, Abigail & Matthew who take up most of her spare time.

Isobel Tuttle

Born in Yorkshire, England (just don’t call her British), Isobel is one of the few staff members who cannot say she is an S.D.&G. native, but has been a resident for more than 43 years. She brings her proper English upbringing to the firm and is not-so-affectionately known as the “grammar police” by her co-workers.

After graduating from St. Lawrence College, Cornwall, with honours in the Legal Secretarial program, Isobel worked part-time for Rick Parisien and then moved on to teach Ted Castle everything he needed to know. Once she and her husband started their family, Isobel chose to take time off from the work world for five years to get their three children started on their way.

Having been hired as temporary part-time by Peter MacEwen in 1988 to “pick up the slack”, Isobel likes to joke that she must not be doing a very good job, since she’s still here. She has worked for all of the lawyers in the firm over the last 27 plus years, including C. F. McInnis in his semi-retirement, but now concentrates on the corporate end of things.

Despite holding the very important position of Corporate Assistant for the firm, no one has ever been able to convince Isobel to work on days beginning with T. But on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, she can usually be found with her nose in a company Minute Book and even using a typewriter!

Isobel and Jim have lived in Riverside Heights for the past 33 years. Their nest is empty of children, but now filling up with grandchildren who come to visit often.

Kelly VanBeilen

After graduating from College with both a Certificate in Ambulance and Emergency Care and Law Clerk Diploma, Kelly began working in Ottawa focusing on Litigation and Family Law.

Kelly worked in Brockville, Ontario for four years primarily in the areas of Real Estate, Estate Planning and Estates. Kelly now resides in Morrisburg and has worked as a Legal Assistant in Morrisburg since 2004.

She currently assists Eldon Horner and Eric Pietersma in the areas of Family Law, Litigation and is the “go to” person for land severance applications.

Robin Winters

Robin works with Eric Pietersma, primarily on Real Estate matters.

Robin has worked with Horner & Pietersma (and previous incarnations of the firm) for 27 years. She greatly enjoys working with clients, and is a dedicated contributor to all of the matters on which she works.

Robin lives near Ingleside, Ontario with her husband and two boys. .

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